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Why does Creativity development  make a difference in Leadership ?

Transitioning to and beginning a new culture requires creativity development for developing new leadership skills to respond to the present moment's need. Effective transition can be achieved results faster with coaching-based methods. ONC (Orienting to a New Culture) is designed to support transition, both for individuals and organizations (business, school, family). No matter where they are in the process (new culture, new leadership role, new online working, new country, etc.) ONC helps them transition more effectively by turning change into opportunity.

Coaching throughout the transition process helps to uncover new potential skills and identifies areas that need development. Coaching- based programs encourages positive development of these new skills and behaviors throughout the transformation.


Change is from the inside out. First, a person experiences change in themselves, and then their relationship with the environment changes. When this transformative journey is supported with time, resources, and communication, the entire development process is enhanced.



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Develop Awareness & Leadership Competencies by Determining a Meaningful Purpose!

Defining a vision and purpose provides motivation, effeciency and meaning to the person during transformation. Her expereince with change turns into an enjoyable journey. Experiential practices develop awareness and creativity skills that enable person to discover new ways. Some examples of transitional process, the transition process of a young person to university abroad, a master's student to business life,  a manager to a new role or start-up enterpreneurs etc. 


ONC has been developed by applying it to the needs of all generations in the process of individual or organizational transformation in order to adapt to the new culture  and find a healthy balance in transitonal period. The ONC model includes both group and individual work. It is experiential, experimental with Intermodal Expressive Arts ( Visial arts, painting, music, dance and poetry.)



ONC (Orienting to the New Culture) Programs

Orientation to the New Culture - "ONC" Programs:


The ONC program is an experiential, experimental, coaching-based and holistic model that I have developed by applying 1300 hours and 14 programs to 101 people within the scope of my doctoral study. I developed the ONC from implementation experience of group and individual programs. (University and Master Programs in Germany, Reputable Companies in Turkey and individually application to the X, Y and Z generations in different countries of the world.)  I received "Magna Cum Laude" as a honorary degree.  The program is also a model, it can be integrated into business systems or can be applied individually. For example, Human Resources Orientation Process, New Idea Creation Process, Adaptation Process for Remote Work, New Product Development Processes or transition to education abroad.  My research continues and expands after my PhD process. ONC implementation scope became 20 programs, 400 participants and more than 2000 hours.

ONC Group Application

Çömlekçilik Studio

ONC Individual Application

Açık Havada Acroyoga Oturumu

Creativity Development

ONC 1 and ONC 2

ONC Group programs are the process of developing awareness and cooperation with the group and finding a way to adapt to the new normal. Group work also offers the participants different perspectives and the power of the support of togetherness.

ONC 1 and ONC2

ONC individual program provides support by offering to explore different ways to find one's own ways/ formulas in the transition period.  It enables the participant to discover methods to decreased the adaptation preriod and integrate the new skills into daily life. 

Creativity Development with Intermodel Expressive Arts Introduction

This program introduces the basics of Intermodal Expressive Arts (Visual Arts, Painting, Dance, Drama and Poetry).  In this modul, participant explores different ways to create their new ideas for their daily difficulties.  


Comments from ONC participants

She has been very sensitive to the different participants and has managed to get a mix of technically oriented engineers and creative designers equally interested in the content. Both the personal feedback of the participants in our committee as well as the results of their evaluation were above average positive. It was very interesting for me to observe the implementation of her coaching methods, which she developed in her scientific dissertation.

Prof. Wolfgang Grillitsch, Dean

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