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Orientint to the New Culture (ONC) Programs


ONC is a coaching based model. It is based on both Intermodal Expressive Arts and Gestalt coaching. Utilizing many different methods, the coach accompanies the client on a path of discovery, finding the unique way transformation can be integrated into their life. The coach works one-on-one with the client in their transformation process, whether it be in personal life, business life, during a training period, or wherever development is needed. Based on the client’s questions, the coach helps discover their unique path forward.


ONC is specially designed and adapted to the person and the organization. For example, ONC coaching can be integrated into the process of onboarding newly hired employees into a team. It can also be used to orient new executives and senior positions to their roles within the needs of the organization. ONC is a model that is easily integrated into business processes, including idea generation and new product development.

ONC is a lively and experiential model that works for anyone. Intermodal arts includes many different ways of using art for expression (including drawing, collage, writing, storytelling, sound, and movement.) It is a flexible method that works with everyone, and can be applied both online, in-person, and in hybrid experiences.

ONC is a holistic model. When transformation happens together and is supported with skillful exercises, the transformative development process is effective, pleasant, and even surprising. For this reason, the key stakeholders of the transformation (for example, HR managers, Department heads, leaders of teams or families) are included at the beginning and at the end of our partnership on this journey.

Individual Benefits:


  • Shortening the adaptation period of the person

  • Increase in motivation and performance

  • Faster integration of new ideas into the role, work, or projects

  • Development of personal creativity

  • Greater effectiveness and awareness of adaptation and development

  • Learning new methods of change

  • Development of artistic skills


Benefits to the Organization (Business, School, Family):


  • Effective adaptation to changing work culture (remote, hybrid)

  • Contribution to employee/student experience and organizational engagement

  • Increase in organizational motivation and well-being

  • Well-being development

  • Model learning for the integration of creative ideas into work

  • Participant feedback sharing for key stakeholders

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