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The Spirit of Light

"Spirit of Light" was one of the group exhibitions I attended.  With Intermodel Expressive Arts, I followed the spirit of light as part of art-based research  with the " Low Skill High Sensitivity" technique. Below are some parts of the picture. My aim was to discover once again the wide field that five different branches of art (visual arts, music, drama, poetry and dance) offer to all of us in my own development period, and to share the great support of this field with everyone. I believe that new ideas, a new type of expression, and the development of creativity that we will find difficulties in all areas of life can easily carry us on our way. This new awareness can be applied to business life, all areas of life and education, etc. I wanted to present it to the participants as I have observed its great contribution with my quantitative and qualitative measurements in my ongoing projects. With the same technique, the song came after the making of the painting. I arranged and recorded the melody and lyrics, accompanied by the beloved Renan Koen, and presented them to the exhibitors with a headset.  Participants conveyed that they were in a completely different experience when they looked at the picture with the painting's song on  headphones. One of the many feedbacks I got was that my creative presentation and variety of expression was in the participants  comforting, supportive, and the spirit of light is a calm power beyond words.

*You can find more images and my presentation method on my Instagram account.

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