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Intermodel Expressive Arts

I prepared this section with the intention of exhibiting some of the group exhibitions I participated in periodically using scientific methods of Intermodal Expressive Arts (EXA).  Based on Low Skills and High Sensitivity and Expressive Arts Methods. I desire to offer a leadership path that can get in touch with the creative, artistic parts that exists in all of us. With the intention of bringing an alternative perspective to the way we all come into contact with the realities of life. The support of the intermodel field is versatile, with interdisciplinary and rich such as painting the experience, sounds/ music of the painting, the dance/movement of the music. I share the balance, health, creative ideas and innovation that this field brings to my life  and how I integrate these new ideas into my life on my instagram account. Lets co-create together!


Contribution of Intermodel Expressive Arts to Your Life, Business Life and Artistic Projects

Intermodel Expressive Arts covers five different areas of art. Visual arts, Painting, Music, Dance and Drama . It is a scientific method based on Low Skill and High Sensitivity, that anyone can do with their low skills of five art branches such as drawing, movement, sound . Some examples are given above. These studies; Some of his contributions are the development of creativity, generating new ideas, looking at issues from a different perspective, and improving communication and expression skills . It is experiential, experimental, process-oriented, and includes creative methods . You can integrate the skills you have developed in these studies into your life, projects or many areas in your business life that need creativity and innovation. At the same time, since you work with different branches of art, your artistic skills will contribute to you as a gift of the process over time. It supports your artistic projects with a different scientific technique and your production in many areas that need visuals today (such as your social media visuals, business life meeting presentations. 


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